You find yourself locked in an unfamiliar basement.
Will you manage to escape?


Escape!VR -The Basement- is a 3D Virtual Reality “Escape The Room” genre game which was inspired by real-life escape games and written from the ground up as a room-scale virtual reality experience for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift+Touch.

Can you escape? Explore the environment, solve puzzles, discover useful items, investigate clues, and find your way through a total of seven rooms in three areas to -hopefully- escape the basement!

Gameplay Trailer


  • Solve over a dozen puzzles, which includes smaller ones like finding keys or codes up to large ones which involve complex interactions with daunting machinery. Look, feel, and ambience are based on corresponding real-life environments.
  • Explore three distinct areas with seven rooms, a total of 130 square meters, and more than 200 items to interact with. The game is designed for room scale and features a teleporting system to avoid nausea.
  • In case you get stuck, a built-in hint system provides you with clues. You’ll also get in-game statistics about your performance, and there are Steam achievements to unlock!

Will you take on the challenge? Will you manage to escape the basement?


How to get it? What do I need?

Escape!VR -The Basement- is available on Steam.

You need an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift+Touch and a computer which is capable of VR (minimum Vive/Touch specs are fine). You can play standing; however, the bigger the area, the better (we use it with 2×2 meters).