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Virtual Reality

Sourcenity is a virtual reality software development company. We are building VR-related high-quality software solutions, be it in Gaming, Simulation, Tool Development, or Construction, and have been involved in VR since its inception. Our focus is on room-scale virtual reality with room-scale tracking headsets (such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift+Touch, Valve’s Index, and Windows Mixed Reality headsets) which offer unparalleled tracking quality and immersion.

Sourcenity offers software development, services, and consulting for companies with interest in virtual reality technologies and products.


We’ve been involved in the creation of several VR experiences. The newest one is the “fitness reality game” PowerBeatsVR – do check out our trailer as well! As one of our users put it: “I can’t feel my legs. 10/10 would crawl to the shower again.

If you prefer not to use your muscles, there’s also our VR escape room experiences – virtual reality ‘escape the room’ games – to explore the VR medium, capturing the imagination of users and creating visuals which the press calls ‘nothing short of spectacular‘.


Check out our newest asset for Unity – Show Lasers, an asset which allows you to create classic 90s-style laser shows!


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